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LSF is an artist who lives and works for the revolution from the warm seas of Uranus. Their main diet is stardust, industrial glitter and light-coloured sand.

In the year 2022, they received an alert of an attack on the planet Earth. This news awakened LSF's boundless anger, creating a rift on the Uranian surface. Bubbling craters emerged in his studio, from which he went on to create his first works; reversible talismans destined to spread over planet earth.


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"Je suis la multiplicité du cosmos enfermée dans un régime politique et épistémologique binaire…"

Paul B. Preciado - Un appartement sur Uranus

A cosmic craft 

LSF's productions are both the fruit of intergenerational knowledge and of constantly renewed experimentation. To create their talismans, LSF collects all the cosmic secretions of their environment: they then put their fluids in resonance with ancestral, spatial, historical and biological attractions, which allow them to emit the energy necessary to produce their talismans. 
All the objects created by LSF comply with a bio-uranian charter, respectful of  intergalactic ecology.

Gallery - in the LSF workshop :